“This is a competitively priced interconnect that turns in sophisticated performance across a wide range of music, what’s not to like about that?
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River Interconnects


The River interconnect is a high-quality cable with low capacitance and good screening and truly audiophile performance. It has silver plated copper conductors, FEP outer insulation, PTFE for the dielectric between core and screen and a capacitance of only 64pF per metre. This makes the River an ideal interconnect to use between step-up transformers and phonostages, between turntables and phonostages, or in any location where low capacitance high noise-immunity are critical. Line-level sources too can benefit from employing the properties of River interconnects. CD players, DACs, streamers etc. can benefit from a low capacitance cable to maximise bandwidth and minimise the chances of instability in circuits which are sensitive to capacitance loads. Passive pre-amps in particular should be used with low capacitance cable and the Rivers are ideal for use with both resistive passive pre-amps and transformer passive pre-amps.

The River interconnect is also unusual in being much thinner than many “audiophile” cables. The truth is that many cables have a cheap outer insulation material such as PVC which may bulk up the overall diameter and look impressively thick but don’t actually perform particularly well - and why would a thick cable perform any better than a thin cable anyway?
The Rivers are different in using FEP as an insulator which can be made much thinner than other materials whilst being more robust and performing better.
The result is a neutral, revealing and detailed interconnect which will compete with cables at much higher prices and will out-perform many of them.


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How to buy River Interconnects
1 metre pairs of interconnects cost 65 and are available from the online shop or from our dealers and distributors around the world (full list). 0.5m, 1.5m and 2m lengths are available too, and top quality Switchcraft phono plugs are available as an optional extra.

There are a lot of fantastic tales in Hifi Magazines about cables and such. And I tried a lot of them from the budget side to the more high end of the line and most of them, even the ones that were highly praised, fell through. Now I bought a Rothwell River interconnect. It does not cost a fortune and it looks rather simple as far as its exterior goes. But it does what it should do. It plays the music in such a way that you think you may have found a pair of new ears. And it plays rock, acoustic, jazz and heavy classic all with an ease that it will astound you. Even in high end sets it will give a better and neutral sound. Gone is the harshness of the cheaper cables. A fantastic buy.”

Jan Danhof

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