About Rothwell

I’m Andrew Rothwell and for many years my company has been producing high quality domestic hi-fi equipment for discerning audiophiles but I have had a passion for music and guitars since a very early age. I studied classical guitar as a schoolboy but was also listening to the classic rock music of the day (anyone remember Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc? I think you do) and developing an obsession with electric guitars and all the associated rock n roll hardware. After graduating with a degree in physics I went on to become an electronics engineer in the aerospace industry but the lure of loud guitars and rock n roll was always going to be too strong to allow me to remain there. After quitting the aerospace industry I worked in various music related environments both as a musician and as a technician. I’ve worked in places as diverse as The Royal Northern College Of Music and the Glastonbury Festival, have composed and produced music for TV and theater, and taught music and music technology in further education.
The first product for guitars which Rothwell Audio Products made available was the Stompjuice effects pedal power supply. Then came the Hot Little Knob in 2005, which received the Guitarist Gold award when it was reviewed in Guitarist magazine, and that was followed by development work on the range of effects pedals now available. Years of experience of playing guitars, designing audio circuits and producing audio products was distilled into the production of effects pedals designed with one aim in mind - to make the best. The circuits are all original (no clones, mods or repros here), the assembly is designed for reliability and sound quality rather than cheapness, and each pedal is carefully tested to make sure it reaches the high standards I set. Rothwell pedals aren’t pedals masquerading as “boutique” whilst in reality being mass produced in China - these really are boutique pedals. You have my word.

Andrew Rothwell

Rothwell Audio Products Ltd.
87-89 Lever Street

telephone  +44(0)1204 366133


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