Major Bypass


The Major Bypass is a loop switcher which will switch one or more pedals into and out of your signal chain so that non-true bypass pedals (which can still suck tone even when turned off) or a particular group of pedals can be fully bypassed with a single switch. The switches are mechanical types (no relays to fail or FETs to compromise tone) and power is required only for the LED indicator. Construction is truly robust and the indicator makes it easy to see when the unit is in active or bypass mode. This simple device can find many uses on pedalboards with vintage wahs, for example (notorious tone suckers), or where a chorus, delay and reverb need to be engaged and disengaged as one unit.


How to buy the Major Bypass
The Major Bypass costs 69 and can be purchased from our online shop or through our UK and international dealers (full list) or by contacting Rothwell Audio Products directly by email or by telephone +44(0)1204 366133.

Who uses Rothwell?
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