Who uses Rothwell gear?


Gary Moore, sadly no longer with us, took delivery of one of the first Heartbreakers off the production line. He tried it out at the soundcheck of his next gig and liked it so much he used it for the entire show.
Gary’s website

Mike+Justin Mike_Scott_3

Mike Scott is a seasoned professional guitarist from the USA. He has toured extensively with Prince and more recently with Justin Timberlake. It was while on tour with Justin that Mike tried out the Hellbender and Switchblade. He auditioned the pedals during a soundcheck and was knocked out, so he used them for the show and for the rest of the tour.


Paul Rose is a phenomenal blues rock guitar player (winner of Guitarist Magazine’s “Guitarist Of The Year” award) who favours a raw guitar tone and generally doesn’t use effects pedals, but when he needs that extra bit of drive from his Fender Strat he can rely on a Hot Little Knob to push the amp that bit harder. Paul was kind enough to record some sound samples which can be heard on the Hot Little Knob page.
Paul’s website


Demian Dominguez is hot young talent in hard rocking blues guitar. Originally from Argentina but now resident in Spain, Demian is fast making a name for himself throughout Europe.
He now relies on a Hellbender to give him a superb blues sound which allows his natural tone to shine throug and also uses a Love Squeeze compressor.
Demian has very kindly recorded some great video demos of Rothwell pedals and they can be found on YouTube and at Pancalis, our Spanish distributor.

DemianBand website

Gwyn_Ashton1 Gwyn_pedalboard

Gwyn Ashton is another blues rock guitar player famed for his fabulous tone. He uses an F1 Booster to push the amp harder and a Switchblade when he needs a really blistering tone. Here Gwyn is pictured using a Switchblade with an acoustic Hawaian lap style guitar. What a tone! Gwyn’s website


The ZZ Tops are the UK’s premier ZZ Top tribute band and guitarist Nick Ryan (aka Billy Bigguns) uses a variety of Rothwell pedals to get a hard rockin’ boogie tone just like Billy Gibbons. Here’s Nick in Billy mode and here’s Billy Gibbons himself with an Atomic Booster.
The ZZ Tops’ website

Chris_George Chris_George_guitar

Chris George is a superb guitar maker whose work has featured in Guitarist Magazine on more than one occasion. He recommends the Hot Little Knob for Strat style guitars where the owner is looking for a boost facility without resorting to active circuitry. However, one of Chris’s customers recently requested an active mid boost circuit and Chris called on Rothwell for a solution. We came up with a neat variable boost circuit on a push-pull knob which Chris fitted to the Vox Consort replica he was making and the customer was delighted with it. Here are are the details of the build.
Chris’ website

Patrick Eggle Guitars is probably Britain’s biggest guitar maker. Back in the mid nineties Andrew Rothwell did some design work for Patrick Eggle and incorporated a simplified version of the Cool Little Knob into several of the then current models. More recently, Rothwell has been involved with the development of some active circuitry for inclusion in new models.


Mark Bailey is a very talented guitar maker based in Scotland who not only makes some exceptional guitars but also runs a successful school of luthiery. He recommends the Cool Little Knob as a much more versatile alternative to the simple coil tap.
Bailey Guitars website


Vanquish Guitars are hand made instruments of the highest quality. The build quality is exceptional and they have tone to match. Guitarist magazine said “this is one of the finest electric guitars we’ve had from a British maker for some time”.
When exhibiting at guitar shows, Vanquish use a Hellbender to get an awesome rocking tone which still allows the guitar’s own character to shine through and have recently started to produce guitars with custom electronics designed by Rothwell and based on the Cool little Knob.
Vanquish website

This Devastated Fan’s guitarists Robbie Cavanagh and Ed Poole are now using a range of our pedals. Robbie uses an Atomic Booster and a Heartbreaker and Ed uses a Love Squeeze, Atomic Booster and Hellbender. "We both have more than one Rothwell pedal on both our floorboards. Second to none for tone!"
This Devastated Fan website


Francesco Lo Castro, touring guitarist with Patrizio Buanne and respected jazz and fusion guitarist as well as guitar teacher at one of Britain’s most prestigious universities uses both a Hellbender and a Tornado. He says “I use the Hellbender for Rock rhythms and solo parts and the Tornado for serious modern shredding. Great tone and natural sustain straight out of the box. After I plugged them in it took me less than a minute to dial the sound I was looking for and find myself in Overdrive Heaven. These are by far the best overdrive pedals I have ever used and a musician must-have”.
Francesco’s website


The guys at Electromusic in Doncaster not only sell our pedals but use them thenselves. There’s no better endorsement than that.


Chantel McGregor uses a Heartbreaker for her singing blues tone - it’s the only overdrive or distortion pedal she uses.
“It sounds fantastic!!!!”
Chantel’s website

The Argent Dawn

Joel, Jake and Tom from The Argent Dawn all use Rothwell Tornados on their pedal boards.
Joel says “with the Tornado it just gives me a quieter, tighter deeper sound in every way possible then what I was ever used to!”

The Argent Dawn are certainly no strangers to the live metal scene, touring with the likes of Dying Fetus, Napalm Death, Whitechapel, Despised Icon and Ted Maul. They need a serious metal sound and the Tornado gives it to them.
The Argent Dawn


James O’Driscoll is an A&R man, session player and producer working with likes of Nell Bryden.
A fantastic Compressor mate, not overstating to say it is indispensable. I defy anyone to turn this on and then think their setup sounds better when it's switched off.

Paul Stacey

Paul Stacey, guitarist with The Black Crowes and session musician and/or producer for acts as diverse as Oasis, The Finn Brothers, Elkie Brooks and Chris Squire uses a Hellbender to get a classic, vintage Marshall type tone when using clean amps such as Fender Twins. In fact, Paul was so impressed with the Hellbender that he bought another one straight away as a backup! (True professional.)

Twin Lizzy

Taff Jenkins is a recent Rothwell convert, using a Tornado to create classic rock tones in Thin Lizzy tribute act Twin Lizzy.

John Maycraft

John Maycraft is a guitarist and composer who works regularly with Bernie Calvert of The Hollies. He relies on a Hellbender and a Love Squeeze to get the classic sounds he needs.
John’s website


C from Dragged Into Sunlight is a big fan of his Hellbender. He said "I was in desperate need of a replacement pedal for my (now broken) electro-harmonix BIG MUFF... After trying a whole bunch of distortions + fuzz boxes, I stumbled across the 'Hellbender' from Rothwell. I plugged in, turned up and my ass shook with joy...My bass tone had never sounded so rich, notes had never resonated for so long, and I'd never experienced so much punch from my cab...If you're after a hell-ish, stoner/doom crust to your tone, this pedal is mandatory."

Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray is now relying on old-school stompboxes to create his sound and his dirtbox of choice is the Heartbreaker. Above you can see the band’s “thanks to...” on the cover of their album The Final Frontier.
And a big thank you to you too, Dave.
Iron Maiden’s official website.

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