The Love Squeeze

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The Love Squeeze is a compressor designed simply to sound right with guitars, without any bizarre “pumping” effects and without any noise.
This has been achieved by designing a circuit from scratch instead of adopting the more common approach of using an operational transconductance amplifier (for tech heads, it’s usually the CA3080 chip) or simply copying an existing design (like some American boutique makers have done) and gives the Love Squeeze a sound of its own. Low level signals can be raised by as much as 20dB without boosting high level signals, so when used in front of distortion - either in a pedal or an amp - leads lines can be fattened up without chords sending the distortion into mush. When used with a clean sound the Love Squeeze can be set to just take off the ice-pick attack of single coil pickups for a tone a little easier on the ear. Like reverb (when used sensibly), this is a subtle effect which can go almost unnoticed until it is switched off - then you wonder how you could live without it.
why not optical?
Compressors based on optical circuits can sound very good but the latest EU regulations have outlawed the use of Cadmium Sulphide so light dependent resistors (LDRs) are now banned and so are compressors which use them.
Why not a Ross or Dynacomp clone?
Why make a clone when you can make something better? The Love Squeeze gives a much more natural playing feel than vintage (and modern) units which seem to be fighting against the player all the time instead of controlling dynamics and enhancing tone.

So what’s in a Love Squeeze?
The Love Squeeze uses a discrete FET as the heart of a voltage controlled amplifier. The circuitry is elegantly simple but performs beautifully without introducing extraneous noise. More importantly, it enhances the playing experience. This is what compressors should do.





Guitar & Bass October 2009  “ does everything extremely well.”

Play Music Pickup August 2009 “The compression effect is powerful yet noticeably more transparent than one or two other rather expensive studio-quality pedal compressors that we’ve tried.”

Performing Musician September 2009 “Beautifully built, great sounding, easy to set up to perfection, and designed and built in Britain to the highest of boutique standards, it is simply a great pedal.”

Guitar Buyer October 2009 “...this is one of the most tonally transparent compressor pedals we have come across.”

Guitarist October 2009 “... the Love Squeeze oozes quality tone”

Guitar & Bass November 2009 The Love Squeeze was chosen for inclusion in a round up of the best gear of the year
“The Love Squeeze’s noise levels are negligible and it doesn’t affect your tone.”

Ovni Labsa small miracle. I don't know what more to say--this is just the most transparent, lowest-noise comp pedal I've tried”

G&B magazine June 2010 (German language) “Ein Top-Produkt!”

How to buy the Love Squeeze
The Love Squeeze costs 129 and can be purchased through our UK and international dealers (full list) or through the online shop.

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