“We’re in no doubt as to the design integrity of this little unit. Add to that the bomb-proof construction and affordable price-tag and the Stompjuice represents first class value.” - Guitarist (click here for full review)

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The Stompjuice is a professional quality 9 volt power supply for guitar effects pedals. It will supply up to 600mA (enough to power several digital pedals - notorious for flattening batteries in no time) and can be operated from 115V or 230V mains by selecting the appropriate position of the internal switch. The 9 volt output is fully regulated and is transformer isolated for the best performance. It’s true that switch mode power supplies, as often used to power computer and other equipment, can be very small and light whilst still delivering high current, but the problems associated with the high frequency noise that they can radiate make them less than ideal for use with guitar effects on stage. What professional guitarists really need is a good linear regulated power supply built to be robust and reliable enough to use on stage, with no noise on the DC output, and that can be securely mounted to a pedal board. The Stompjuice comes complete with detachable IEC mains cable and six detachable DC output leads and is fully regulated for hum-free performance. Construction is very heavy duty so as to withstand the rigors of life on stage under a musician's feet and a spare fuse is housed within the unit for emergencies.
Best of all, you’re buying a product from a specialist UK manufacturer and have access to our technical back-up. We can answer all your questions about polarity, current drain, unusual connectors, and we can supply custom output leads of different lengths and with different types of DC connectors. Contact us by email or telephone with any questions or special requirements.

output voltage             9 volts DC, regulated
maximum output current     600 mA total
output connector type       2.1mm DC power socket
connector polarity          centre pin negative
mains input voltage         115V/230V, selectable (voltage selector located inside unit)
mains input connection      standard IEC socket
unit protection            mains fuse (1A), output fuse (3.15A). Fuses located within unit.
dimesions                130mm x 100mm x 55mm
weight                  790g

How to buy the Stompjuice
The Stompjuice is currently out of stock and unavailable. Sorry.

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